About me

I’m Erin, or the girl that really left the cubicle for home.

How I got here

As a woman (or person for that matter), I wanted to have it all. I went to night school, studied an endless amount of hours, all so I could work to a career. There was a time period where I spent 5 years at home as a Stay at Home Mom. The problem was, I hated it. I was depressed, low on funds, and felt trapped.

Little did I know, I felt worse working. My priorities became crystal clear during my time working. I was missing family events, struggling managing time off, and my stress when through the roof with medical emergencies.

After mentally crashing, taking a family vacation, and my Mom getting a cancer diagnosis, I knew the change was essential to my well being. I left my job, took care of my Mom, made it for every school event, and focused (when I could) on myself.

It has been over a year since I left, and I still am adjusting here and there. Being a Stay at Home Mom can still be isolating. When I was leaving my job I spent plenty of time searching the web for Mom blogs. I wanted to relate with those who had left behind their jobs to be home. This blog is for that. I’ve done it, I’ve transitioned to being home. I’m a real, average Mom. I’m not disgustingly rich, I don’t have a Nanny, my house isn’t perfectly clean, and I’m not stick thin. I did this knowing I was paying for child care. I understood I was doing this and couldn’t end up feeling alone. I’m sure a lot of us can relate on this level.

Home Life

We live in a coastal Connecticut town that we truly love. I’m born and raised a Connecticut girl. Although, I have dreamed of moving, my husband owns his business, so here we stay. I love to cook, I attempt to craft, I attempt weight loss, and I attempt to decorate my home. I’m not Suzy Homemaker. I love my yoga pants. I still do take out, I drag myself to go out, and I’m a huge procrastinator. I have two boys that keep me on my toes. They love to rough house, and bring their toys all over the house.

I try to be unfiltered, its easier to keep things real. My life isn’t perfect, nor am I. Join me through each cup of coffee, failure, tear, and joys.

I’ll be sharing recipes, home tips, my life adventures, and just musings.

Thanks for checking me out!





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