Life is better in flip flops

Summmmmmer! At last! This post might be a little picture heavy, but worth it! This month has had a lot going on, and now we’re fully diving into summer vacation time.

Alex graduated from preschool and it was adorable! The children put on a concert, and I give so much credit to the teachers. To get a class of 4 and 5 year old children to memorize, “harmonize, and behave that well! I will say, Alex gave a moment. Right in the middle of the concert he started yelling out, “Mommy. Mommy, I have to go pee!” I tried, desperately to slump in my chairs, but he found me. As every got a good chuckle (and me too!) I rushed him off to do his business. Their graduation also included them showing off their zumba skills. Again, seriously?!?! These kids knew the choreography, lyrics, and learned spanish with zumba. Finally, the kids gave a karate demonstration, and the ceremony was over. The majority of this we recorded, and I think we will keep for ourselves;)

Daddy and Alex Me and Alex Alex's Graduation Picture

Following graduation was Father’s Day weekend. This year we did a breakfast feast for Eli, cards, crafts from school, and an amusement park trip (Eli’s choice). It ended up being so much fun! In Connecticut we have Lake Compounce which is the oldest or one of the oldest, amusement parks in the US. There was just the right amount of rides for both kids to enjoy! Eli and I didn’t mind splitting up so he could take Colin on the bigger rides, while I took Alex on the smaller rides. After a full day of fried food, soda, rides, and games Eli declared it one of the best Father’s Day’s so far!


Alex on BumpersFather's Day


This past weekend we had my sister’s wedding. I won’t post full pictures from her wedding for her own privacy, but she was gorgeous!!!! It was such a magically romantic day. My sister has been my best friend from the day I was born. To see her getting married was so emotional, and I was so incredibly happy for her. Her husband is a stand up, all around, gentlemen. She could not have found a kinder, balancing, worthy, or more loving person for herself. To see the two of them so enamored with eachother all day is what wedding days are made of. I would best describe it as, everything going at fast motion all around you, but then there is just the two of them, at normal pace in the middle.

Wedding day

limo watergunCheers to my sister’s coworker for bringing in water guns. Almost the entire bridal party broke out into a water gun fight. While my sister and brother in law were doing pictures they had us running wild on the lawn. Fun, is an understatement. We all fully had a wonderful time, and my sister and brother in law are clearly blessed with amazing friends and family.


This is where she had the reception: the Crane Estate. Its just outside of Boston. It was unreal. Eli and I managed to walk the hill down to the beach and it was magnificent.



crane estate

crane estate lawn

I couldn’t possibly wish them more happiness than what has been already. ❤


Monday was the boys last day of school. They were ecstatic to say the least. I was definitely anxious as the day came for having them all to myself for the summer. There is something to be said for those hours of silence during the day!

last dayAh, Colin also lost another tooth that Sunday night. He now has a lisp. Its endearing….insert me snickering here. I’m looking forward to those teeth coming in!

Now that we’re caught up what have we done this week? Tuesday was just down time of letting the boys decompress. They were very happy to lounge around and play all day. We did also start their summer bridge books. I wanted to keep them on top of their work so they read for a half hour a day, and have a couple work pages to do a day.

alex not happyYou can clearly see how Alex feels about these books. He’s been a bit of a battle, and hes VERY hard on himself. I have been joking that summer will be Mommy boot camp. I’m trying to kick the temper tantrums, and give him some structure. As of today we’re actually doing better.

Yesterday I took the boys to the lake. Fun fact: we have lived her 7 years and we have never taken the boys to swim at the lake. We have lake rights, live around the corner, and the lake has everything.. I don’t know if it was time or what, but oh my, those boys had fun. I had planned on maybe 2 hours, but we stayed for 3. The water was the perfect depth where its roped off which gave me a chance to relax as well! We will definitely be returning soon!

swim lake air shot ohhhyeaToday we went strawberry picking! Alex was looking forward to it and as soon as we got into the field, the whining started. He didn’t want to pick, his legs hurt, the sun bothered him. I then realized my mistake. Alex is allergic to grass, and the whole field is covered in hay. Whomp whomp. I forgot to give him any allergy medication. By the time we left his face was a little splotchy, and BOY was he grumpy. Colin and I managed to pick a bunch of strawberries though!

picking allergy lootAfter we left that farm we headed over to a farm closer to our house. There the boys played pretend on a tractor, roamed the grounds, fed the goats, went shopping for fresh produce, and convinced me to buy ice cream before 12. Well played.

goat That good? Very pleasedFinally, I leave you with this gem I found amongst my childhood photos.

best everBetween my face, my hair, Oh I could go on….this is amazing. It has become an inside (now outside) joke between my sister and I. Happy Friday everyone!!!!