Don’t you, forget about me

I swear I haven’t forgotten this blog! We have been home for a week and now I’m swamped with packing. We should be moving in the next week (YES its happening!). I still can’t believe how fast all of this has come together.

In the meantime I have a draft going of our vacation. Otherwise, I’ll be here, buried in boxes.

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Vacation, all I really wanted?

So I’ve been in the hustle of getting read for vacation this week! While its should feel like:


How it should be

How it should be

I’m more in a panic because I have had so much to do! I figured I would be able to get the kids packed and all ready to go. Instead, all I’ve dealt with is tattling, fighting, whining, and well just anxiousness to go away! My thoughts have been this every time I’m confronted



Between packing the kids, getting the dogs ready for boarding, cleaning, organizing, realizing clothes don’t fit, paying bills, and MORE I’m fried.


No, there is no nap. I’m drowned out with socks

Make it stop!!!

Make it stop!!!

Kids fighting

kidslightsaberduel-thumb-330x220-44723Wait, we still need to figure out the house contracts?!?!?!?!

oh you careWhy, must it be so complicated.


Then I feel like I finally have it together. My Mother-in-law calls and asks if she can have the kids for the afternoon.

take them


I felt home free!

shower time!

Then Eli calls, “Hey, you’re packing my stuff too right?”



right nowpackingFor now on folks, I need to remind myself of this before getting ready for vacation.

amyexpectationsWish me luck!