Let’s go to the Movies

So last week I ventured out to take the kids to the movies, alone. I went in with the attitude of, “I’ve GOT this!” It honestly felt long overdue. The anxiety that can fall on me going out with both kids, is daunting. I’m always expecting: the gimmees, a tantrum, a bathroom break (or two), and not enough caffeine. However, the kids really wanted to see Paddington, and so a promise was made. Without further ado, here is what I witnessed.

1. Your school is closed for the day? Expect to see half of the school there.

The movie theater was basically ALL kids from our town’s elementary school. Every other minute my kids were waving, or shouting hello to a classmate. Mom’s, this is when you’ve reached “Cool Mom” status. All the cool Mom’s take their kids to the theater, noted. Also, major pat on the back for getting there early. Not exaggerating, there were no seats left when the movie started,

2. Your children will sucker you into something you wouldn’t buy them normally.

Icees, darn you luscious, syrupy sweet, artificially dyed, drinks of goodness. It was like a revolving door of their classmates getting these. As the concession boy looked at me, almost pleading with me to hurry up, I ordered them each an Icee. Would I regret this later, yes. Were they thrilled at the moment, yes. Handled.

3. All Mom’s had basically the same “uniform going”. Jeans, sweater/track jacket, scarf, ponytail, thick headband, and Uggs.

It was like “Basic Moms” unite. We were ALL wearing the same thing. I marveled at each Mom walking in with the same outfit, with little to no differentiation. I was both satisfied, and mortified that I fit in. Baa?

4. Mom “cliques” exist.

The Mom’s that were around me knew ALL the neighborhood gossip. They were talking about whose Husbands weren’t around. What Mom was letting herself go. Who’s kid is a brat. Trash talking other Mom’s. It was popcorn worthy, and this was before previews!

5. A Grandmother or two will be there.

How can hey be spotted? They do not give a flip what their grandchild is doing. They got their grandchild a kid tray of junk food, and proceed to let the child grind popcorn and candy into the floor. Kid is kicking your chair, hilarious! Kid is being loud, this is a great trait! I could not stop gawking at this woman next to me. The amount of trash she left behind, and what she let her grandson get away with was unreal.

6. Your child will find a way to still be embarrassing.

We were making it through perfectly. The three of us sat, shared popcorn, drank their syrup, or um drinks, and laughed at all the normal parts. Some of the Mom’s and I even connected a bit. Then, Alex made an announcement, “I have FARTED!” Loudly, was clearly how he felt this needed to be announced. The rows around us roared. My cheeks were flaming red with embarrassment, and Alex beamed with pride. I leaned over and quietly, yet firmly explained to Alex that we don’t say these things. The damage was done. The Mom’s snickered at me, and I’m pretty sure my “Cool Mom” membership was revoked.

7. Most importantly: It won’t be that bad.

I ended up regretting nothing. Ok, except the drinks. My children were BOUNCING off the walls for the next couple hours. I let it go about the fart joke. It is what it is. We didn’t need any bathroom breaks. I made them go before we left the house, and let them know there wouldn’t be any breaks. There were no tantrums. The kids sat, and behaved throughout the rest of the movie, and the movie was actually good!

There you go! I made it! Survived! Conquered! Even, though I might not be hanging out with some of these other Mom’s anytime soon, I still had fun.

❤ Erin


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Trash the Toxins

I’m a member of The Mom Bloggers Club Network, and they recently gave us the Trash the Toxins Challenge. After getting an F rating in our home, I realized we needed a change in our home. Its easy to buy big brand products because of how they can be on sale, but there is a consequence for this as well.


There are many problems in today’s world that make you wonder what may be causing them. I definitely believe a lot of these chemicals are to blame. These chemicals cause skin irritation, can cause breathing problems, and more. They have already proven that some of these chemicals link to cancer, but we continue to use them! We will definitely be going more organic in our home!

Check out our video here:

Disclaimer: After this video I should rename my blog the Frumpy Mummy. I said I’m unfiltered, right? Well, I’m also unedited 😉 This would be my everyday, only going to the bus stop look. No make up, yoga pants, and hair up! No I’m not pregnant, the shirt is my husbands, and my yoga pants aren’t rolled over lol. Its real though, and its me, co-starring Colin, with guest appearances by Gatsby, and sound drops from Alex! Enjoy!

Don’t forget to take the test here: Toxic Test

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Healthy Home Company

 Thanks for the challenge!

❤ Erin

Year Without A Santa Claus: Review!

I’m up! A few of my Blogger Mom Friends and I have been doing reviews on the ABC: 25 Days of Christmas Movies. I happily chose to do “The Year Without a Santa Claus” as its a favorite of mine.

Without further ado:

year without

“The Year Without a Santa Claus” is a family classic for a couple of reasons. First of all its a claymation movie. Many of the holiday favorites are made this way: Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and now Nightmare before Christmas. In this movie Mickey Rooney voices Santa. It also tugs at kids who are on the fence about believing in Santa. While we don’t have that problem currently in this house, perhaps others are nearing that milestone.

The movie starts out with Santa feeling sick. He decides that because of how sick he feels, and his belief that children don’t believe anymore; that Christmas should be cancelled. Of course, this is where Mrs. Claus (voiced by Shirley Booth) steps in, and calls in head elves, Jingle and Jangle to prove Santa wrong. They take baby reindeer, Vixen on their mission, and that is when further turmoil takes its toll.

The Miser brothers shoot down Vixen, and the trio end up stranded in Southtown. Well, the elves are cited by the police, and Vixen (disguised as a dog) is taken to the pound. They run into a boy by the name of Ignatius Thistlewhite, who takes them to the mayor. Of course the mayor laughs and does not believe who they are, So, he agrees to let Vixen go, only if it snows on Christmas Day.

Mrs. Claus comes, picks up the two elves, and they make their way to see the Miser Brothers. Now of course this is mostly what this movie is known for. You may be living under a rock if you haven’t heard the Miser Brother’s theme songs. The first is Snow Miser who of course sings about how he is “Mister Snow”. Their songs are super catchy and always have our boys dancing around to them.

Well Snow Miser, agrees to let it Snow in Southland for one day, as long as he gets the North Pole. Mrs. Claus, Jingle, and Jangle then head over to Heat Miser. They listen to his song, and put in their request. Of course Heat Miser refuses to give up the North Pole, and the brothers end up fighting. Mrs. Claus then announces shes going over their heads. She goes to their Mom, who is none other than Mother Nature. Things are set straight after that, like any Mother would. She makes the boys compromise, and the trio head on their way.

Now while all of this is happening, Santa has gone in disguise to Southland. You didn’t think he was going to let little Vixen sit in a pound did you? He runs into Ignatius Thistlewhite and meets his family. It is during these moments he sees there are those that believe. After everyone returns to the North Pole, gifts start arriving, as children don’t want all the burden on Santa and the elves. They decide to send in their own things to be gifted!

Santa then receives a letter from a little girl. The little girl writes about how she will have a “blue Christmas” without Santa. Santa then decides that he must go on, and that Christmas should not be cancelled. He loads up the sleigh and Christmas goes on as planned. It also snows in Southland to the delight of all the residents, and shock of the mayor.

I highly recommend this movie to your families. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of these newer movies have,but its a classic. My boys already watched it twice, and I might already own it.

Erin ❤

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