Mommy’s Night Out: The Key To A Happy Home

My friend Brandyn over at Life, Motherhood, and The Pursuit of Happiness   posted this entry today about the importance of a Mom’s Night Out. I could not agree with this more. As a Stay At Home Mom, it is very easy to get into a funk. Its not that we don’t love our children, and being around them. Its that loss of normal adult interaction in a fun setting. Birthday Parties, and bus stop waits don’t really cut it.

Every once in awhile its great to go out with just friends, or Husband for a dinner, drinks, or something else. Once out, you really appreciate not asking a child to  not do something, relaxing, maybe having a drink, and talking about something other than kids. If you’re out with other Mom’s it can be a great time to talk about kids. This is when you find out, perhaps your kids quirks aren’t quirks after all! We all chat, laugh about whats going on, and have those oh my God moments.

When I stayed home after having Colin and Alex I was outrageously lonely. I didn’t know any other Moms at 22-25, so I really stayed home. Its isolating, and depressing. Having friends, and these nights out isn’t just great for you, but your marriage. When I’ve gone out, or if Eli and I have date night we are so much happier. We get to have fun, not repeat for the kids to go to bed, no dishes, or interrupting. Its really just us!

So, head on over to the link below and checkout Brandyn’s entry!

 Mommy’s Night Out: The Key To A Happy Home.



❤ Erin


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