Trash the Toxins

I’m a member of The Mom Bloggers Club Network, and they recently gave us the Trash the Toxins Challenge. After getting an F rating in our home, I realized we needed a change in our home. Its easy to buy big brand products because of how they can be on sale, but there is a consequence for this as well.


There are many problems in today’s world that make you wonder what may be causing them. I definitely believe a lot of these chemicals are to blame. These chemicals cause skin irritation, can cause breathing problems, and more. They have already proven that some of these chemicals link to cancer, but we continue to use them! We will definitely be going more organic in our home!

Check out our video here:

Disclaimer: After this video I should rename my blog the Frumpy Mummy. I said I’m unfiltered, right? Well, I’m also unedited 😉 This would be my everyday, only going to the bus stop look. No make up, yoga pants, and hair up! No I’m not pregnant, the shirt is my husbands, and my yoga pants aren’t rolled over lol. Its real though, and its me, co-starring Colin, with guest appearances by Gatsby, and sound drops from Alex! Enjoy!

Don’t forget to take the test here: Toxic Test

Check out Healthy Home Company and their cleaning products!
Healthy Home Company

 Thanks for the challenge!

❤ Erin

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