Mom of Politicians- Adult parenting!

This is will be one of the best videos you watch today, I promise!


Oh Dear LORD!

That Moment the son goes, “Oh, God its Mom.” Then he puts his head in his hands! Haven’t we all been there?

It seems that the men on here are Brothers who sit on opposite sides of the aisle. I originally read about the Woodhouse Brothers and this video on . Also, thank you to my sister Meg for sending this to me!

How funny though! Can you imagine what it was like for Joy (Mom), to have to parent them growing up?! Here are two bickering brothers, and they’re still bickering as adults! We have all technically been there, yes? You bicker with a sibling, and your parent(s) have had to intervene. I felt terrible that she said that she was happy they weren’t around for Thanksgiving. How awful to know holidays are coming and you would have to deal with that! Holidays should certainly be a time for putting your differences aside, and being together.

Joy, admits it wasn’t easy raising them, but that she and her husband are passionate about politics. It gives you a little insight, on what that passion can create I suppose! I just love that she called in to C-SPAN to tell them to cut the crap, and “get it out of their system” before Christmas!

Here is hoping the Woodhouse Brothers can put their differences aside and enjoy their Christmas together! Also, here is hoping I can be the Mom that Joy is!


❤ Erin

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