Thanksgiving round up

Ok, so I’m late with talking about Thanksgiving. It was actually really great!

I was nervous about the holiday, as it was my first without Mom. I took on cooking everything so that I could be busy in the kitchen. For me, it ended up being the best thing, next to my Bloody mary and PJ’s! I brined my turkey using the Williams Sonoma fall spice mix. It made for a super moist turkey! I’m sure basting helped, but once you’ve brined, you never go back! My Mother In Law came over in time for the Macy’s Parade and appetizers.

apetizers parade

Usually, we have a veggie platter, some brie, and crackers. The problem is I end up with everyone hungry asking when dinner will be ready. This year, I made BBQ chicken wings, Shrimp Scampi dip, wrapped Brie, Pigs in a blanket, and chops. Everyone feasted, and I even got to take a break and enjoy!

Our main meal consisted of Turkey (duh), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, gluten free cornbread stuffing, roasted mushrooms, and bread. Everything was delicious and I was just happy it all turned out tasty! I had the boys decorate placecards, and it ended up being a lot of fun for them.

tablelets eat


It was a good way for them to feel involved. By the time dinner was over we really had to force dessert. We were stuffed! We indulged in Thanksgiving cupcakes, pie (3!), and chocolate covered strawberries.

We all relaxed after, well except Eli and the boys! I don’t know how they still had energy, but we just watched! I was just so happy to have people over, and see the boys with smiles on their faces!

piggie backnew pjs

I was just happy to have some family over, and enjoy everyone’s company. The boys were ecstatic to have their Nana and Titi over so we were happy! My Mother in Law stayed with the boys, and Eli and I meandered over to Walmart and Kohls for sales. We went out at 8:30pm so it wasn’t busy. We found a couple deals, and headed home. We were out for less than 2 hours. I just wanted to rest!

Friday, I had bought the boys a sock puppet craft which kept them busy for about an hour. They had loads of fun, and folks: no glue required! Once they were done, they were putting on puppet shows all day! It ended up being well worth it.


It was difficult to not have my Mom there, of course. It was important to remember what we’ve had, and how life goes on. She is here in spirit. When we sat down Colin immediately said, “we have to say grace like Grandma!” We were able to reminisce about Thanksgivings that have gone by, and laugh. That is the best thing to make someone feel better, laughter.

PS: The worst part of the holiday was cleaning up the meal, and realizing I forgot to put out my cranberry sauce! I slaved over that sauce, and it was perfect! Oh well, that what leftovers are for!

What did you do for the Holiday? Are you ready for Christmas?

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Thanksgiving, and is now getting in the Christmas spirit!

Erin ❤

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