Life is too short to miss out on the small things

This weekend we had my mother in law stay over. I believe she has stayed over four times since we have moved. She has recently moved closer to her job, and farther from us; so I  don’t mind the visits. The boys get super excited for her to be here, and actually clean their rooms! Honestly, Colin even asked Alex if he could make his bed so that their room looked neat. I need to find some serious motivation factors for them to clean up!

Well, we had some errands to run on yesterday and my mother in law and I were going to meet Eli at our old house. While driving up Rte 1 I saw the Gozzi Turkey Farm. I have always wanted to stop here with the kids, and one way or another, haven’t. At first I pointed it out and drove on. Then, I thought about it, “ah heck, life is too short”. So, I turned the car around and went back. The kids were thrilled as they saw what was ahead. My Mother In Law was interested because she had always seen their turkey’s on the news.

So, what makes a Turkey Farm so exciting?

 Gozzi!Colorful turkeys!!!!

This farm has been around for decades, and each year they dye the turkeys with vegetable oil based dye. Well the boys certainly enjoyed seeing them.

photo 5 photo 3They were very docile and gobbled along with the kids. Colin was a little freaked out. He was convinced they would nip him. Alex was constantly sticking his hands through the fence. I was actually waiting for him to get a little nibble. Even my Mother In Law was taking pictures of them!

photo 2We started a trend for the morning, because a few other cars pulled in right after we got ready to leave.

I was happy we stopped to check them out. It was a first for all of us, and what a sight they were! Life is too short to keep driving to our destinations. It was so nice for the boys to enjoy in something like this. It pays to see whats on the side of the road sometimes, and slow down.

Here is an article you can read about the farm: Gozzi Turkey Farm

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