Winter readiness

With the cold weather now upon us, I looked around the house to see if I was truly ready for winter.

For New Englanders (or Northerners for that matter) we always have the snow in question. We will be marking our driveway for snowblowers, making our shovels accessible, and putting away all the outdoor seating. I do NOT look forward to shoveling. Did I mention our news station is saying a possibility of snow next Friday?!

Then of course there is the clothing preparedness.Our back hall is already cluttered with Fall jackets, and I pulled down the basket of winter essentials: Mittens, Gloves, Hats, Scarves, and more. The Winter coats need to come out, and I am pretty sure Colin needs a new coat. I have been scouting out this Lands End coat:


Also, we have used Children’s Place coats for the past couple years. So, maybe this one:

coatEither way, Colin continues to grow, so to the store I will go! It is also that time to officially surrender the summer clothes. I am space bagging the boys summer clothing and revolving into thermals. I don’t see them wearing shorts any time soon. Of course I am thrilled for scarf season,but who isn’t?!

Another thing for Winter, is thinking of the Snow Days. What will we do when they have no school!

I’m sure we will have plenty of coloring, building, and baking too. However, what about some crafty ideas? I love these on Pinterest:


What are some activities you like to do? Because as much as I know I will enjoy the scenery, I also get that cabin fever will set in quick!

I need to get on top of stocking our pantry with essentials. I don’t want to be the person running around last minute before it snows. It pays to have things on hand to make soups, pasta dishes, or baking goods. Like it or not, the cold weather is coming.




2 thoughts on “Winter readiness

  1. Love this post! I could say I am “lucky” because it doesn’t snow in Los Angeles. The kids activities are fun 🙂 I like to cuddle up with my toddler and read when it is too cold to go outside.


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