Five on Friday

1. Koda is doing much better. He tested negative for glaucoma, and all other horrific eye problems. It looks like it was just an eye inflammation, but he will go back next week for another exam. By the way, HOLY EXPENSIVE! About $500, and some eyedrops later I have a healthy pup.

Behold my little patient:my patientThis is how I found him the other morning. As the veterinarian said, Koda does not realize he’s a rottweiler. They call him a big cupcake. All I care about is he is not going blind, and is healthy once again. All he cares about? Clearly that he is no longer wearing the cone of shame!


2. We have been insanely busy cleaning my Mom’s. It has been awhile now, but still seems like yesterday. Our home has been the only home I’ve known my whole life. We never moved, and there are countless memories there. At the same time, there is a LOT of stuff that was there. Thank the lord, Meg comes down on a regular basis to help out. She has been fantastic at taking charge, and we make a great team going through everything. Amongst the things we have pulled out and gone through, pulling a trunk very near and dear to our family out was a high point. EllisIt may not look like much, and is in terrible condition, but it is history. This trunk is what my Grandmother used to immigrate from Albania. The trunk above, went through Ellis Island and held her belongings. It is a powerful piece. I have visited Ellis island a couple times, and when you have family that has gone through there, the feeling that comes over you is like no other. My grandmother only told me bits, and pieces of her story, but can you imagine? Unfortunately, the trunk was not well kept, and is pretty destroyed. I don’t think any of us can salvage it, and it would cost a fortune to restore. The plan is to take many pictures of it and tuck them away.

3. With all the chaos of cleaning, I was thrilled to finally get a date night with Eli! He has been incredibly busy with work, and I have not been home, so for our ships to pass was fantastic. We decided to go down to an old favorite of ours: Nellie Greens. It is a harbor side restaurant one town over from us, and their is food truly delicious. Not an eyelash was batted when they told us we had a 20 minute wait. We were more than happy to unwind at the bar and talk. Service was slow that night due to a party inside, but we did not care! They even gave us a couple free drinks due to the wait for food. After a dinner of scallops, steak, and berries with mascarpone cheese we called it a night! When life gets crazy, it is nice to slow down and just enjoy eachother’s company.


4. It was my birthday this week! I turned 29 which was extremely boring. I also wanted to pretend like it was not my birthday. One year ago while I was driving home from work, my Mom called to tell me she had a tumor. I didn’t blame her for telling me on my birthday, because I knew she was scared. So, it was a year ago my journey had officially started. I knew any moment I had to dwell on it would have me a teary eyed mess, and I had a couple times it did. I took 4 boxes of books that were to be donated to the Bridgeport School system. My Mother had volunteered as a reader in the city, and we had a countless amount of books for them. It was emotional to finally drop them off to people that knew her, and knew she wouldn’t be coming back. After a few more hours of sorting, Meg took me out for dinner. We went to Prime 111 in Trumbull, and had a fabulous steak dinner. It was even better when my best friend Cait came! I don’t know how I would have made it through that day without them. I also now I realize I didn’t get one picture of myself with Meg from that dinner! After her statement lip and all!!!

bff dessert Meg2Yes Meg. Although I didn’t have a photo from you that night, this is one of my favorites. I like to call this, how to have fun while cleaning out crap!

Birthdays give us time to reflect on how far we have come in the last year. I am a completely different person from a year ago. I have been hardened a little bit, which gets perceived as strong. However, I couldn’t escape the post birthday blues. Every year I end up looking at the people that wished me a happy birthday and it was as fake as can be, or those that just didn’t. Its a matter of the people that tell you they will be there for you even more now, and they are no where to be seen. I thank God for the tight circle I keep, and look forward to turning 30!

5. For a last piece of news. It looks like we are finally moving. Things will be finalized in the next week, and then I will post more, but I’m so excited and stressed! This came up out of no where, and I will be happy when I can tell the full story! For now I will post a picture of two places in the house. They aren’t my absolute favorites, but I don’t want to jinx myself!

side doorPantryWhere is it you ask? For now I’ll just say a very old New England coastal town.

TGIF everyone!!

3 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Kara M says:

    YAY for Kona being okay!! I love that nickname for him… it fits so perfectly. Love that boy. Give him extra loves and scratches from me. 🙂 Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sounds like you have some awesome friends.


  2. Cait says:

    told you koda would be okay 🙂
    and of course you put up “the stroke” picture….
    we should have asked our awesome waiter to take a pic of us LOL


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