Tuesday Happenings

Phew, the past week has been busy! It has been so humid in Connecticut that it is gross! Our air conditioner has definitely been running. Last Wednesday I was sitting, cursing how the house was not cooling down. Then, I realized it wasn’t truly running! It was over 80 degrees downstairs, and almost 90 upstairs. YIKES! I realized the fuses blew outside by the condenser and quickly called our HVAC guy. He told me he could replace the fuses but would not be out for about 4-5 hours. Umm, no. Then he told me I could run to Lowe’s and get the fuses. I was not going to wait, so I piled the kids into the car, and off we went. Once home, I grabbed some the fuses, put on garden gloves (I was nervous!), shut the power off for outside, and replaced the fuses. 3 minutes later AIR! COLD AIR! I may have felt like Wonderwoman, just saying.

Thursday, we went on a playdate with some friends. We voted on taking the kids to a trampoline park in New Britain called Flight. It was fun! The older kids definitely had more fun as they had a much larger area to use. Alex and his friend from school Jordan, definitely had their own fun in their section. It was supposed to be only to age 6, but Jen and I let our kids go there, their just over 7, and Alex really wanted his brother. I don’t know if I would drive all the way up there again just to take the kids, but for a playdate it was fantastic!


Colin and Jillian taking off!!

Colin and Jillian taking off!!

Alex and Jordan climbing up1

Alex and Jordan climbing up1

Sliding down the trampoline!

Sliding down the trampoline!

Foam block pit= bliss!

Foam block pit= bliss!


After officially wearing the kids out we took off for some grub. The Mommy’s grabbed coffee for our second wind, and we came upon Friendly’s. Cheers to Jen and I, because taking out 4 worked up kids for lunch is the definition of patience. We entertained with placemats, I SPY and just good conversation.

I scream you scream!

I scream you scream!

Our kids are the same age, so it really worked out perfect. It was also the first time I’ve put myself out there for a playdate. I don’t deal well with Mommy cattiness, and Jen is definitely not that type of Mom. Here’s to hoping there will be more of those!

Alex was thrilled on Friday when he found one of his favorite Zumba songs on Pandora. Using his moves from Preschool he shook it in the living room.

Sunday Eli and I had some alone time finally! We went out for lunch at a marina side restaurant by us. After enjoying some wine, lobster sliders, raw clams, and salad we were more than satisfied. We met my Mother in Law right back at the house but it was nice to even have 2 hours to ourselves.

As for this week, I’ve been spending some time with my sister while she’s down here. I may not have too many pictures as we have just been busy, but the boys are thrilled they are seeing her!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Happenings

    • Thanks! Originally I a screwdriver in hand and our HVAC guy just started going “back away from the live electric with a screwdriver…back away” I kept going “I’m ready, I’m ready!!!!”


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