Why the cleaning never stops!

This morning when I came downstairs I realized a bomb had gone off in my living/family room. Behold:

Oh my lord

best ever

SO much concern!!!!

After getting the boys going for the day, I literally through some gloves on and went to town. A list was made (thank you ADHD) and I was in business. A few hours later


MUCH improvedAh, so much better! Minus the clutter on the coffee table shelf, and I did not do under the couch there. However, can I get an amen from other Mom’s on how no matter how much we clean it is NEVER enough, or done. While cleaning I had this obstacle:

not picking up“Alex can you pick up your blocks?” Yes, that is as far as he got. Don’t get me started on the irony of the sticker next to his head. He is the ultimate non-cleaner. If I ask him to pick up a few books he thinks he can’t do it without help. My minion clearly needs some minions.

PS no less than 2 minutes after I was done:

Are you kidding?!Those were just put on the table. They weren’t even played with, just put there! ALEX!!!!!!

Other than that, there is always something that needs to get put away, cleaned off, picked up, or organized in this house. I wish there was a way to stay ahead of everything. One thing is for certain, this blog will probably never have pictures of a perfect looking room. That’s just not how I live. I also know it is completely unreasonable to have the house perfect with the boys.

After a impromptu dance party and some lunch, I had the boys do their daily work. Alex really dislikes the workbooks, but I figured out he works really well with praise. It drives me wild how much he tells me he can’t do something. I just need him to have some confidence!

Alex loves workLook how much he loved it πŸ˜‰


For his reading today he picked out Ten Apples Up On Top. Its a perfect book for a child that has learned some sight words. The rhyming, and repetition also made Alex feel like he knew what he was doing. It was a nice bonus that I forgot my Mom had gotten him the book. So, when I opened it and found this:

reading time I got a little emotional. Not teary eyed, but a warm feeling remembering her taking him on his field trip. It’s sweet that he has this, and hopefully will cherish it.

Now, there aren’t any pictures of Colin but its worth noting he is a rockstar with his work. He blew through 2 days of work, and then sat and read his children’s bible for a half hour.

2 thoughts on “Why the cleaning never stops!

  1. Sasha says:

    Haha, I needed to see these photos. This is exactly what my place looks like–the before, not after pic–right now! Just the thought of tackling it seems so pointless for I know how quickly it will be destroyed again come morning!! πŸ™‚ Haha, the one laying in the box cracked me up, especially with the warning sticker in sight!


    • Thanks Sasha! Yeaaa I decided to just go for it with the before picture. Eli has already re-cluttered part of the coffee table again! Alex, is just Alex….he earned his minion nickname for a reason! πŸ™‚


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