Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself

Ah, one week since I’ve posted anything. Truthfully, I’ve been in tremendous pain. After an appointment with an oral surgeon today I found out my wisdom teeth need to come out. They’re infected, and starting to make my bone line swell. SO AWESOME!

Behold these beautiful babies

Behold these beautiful babies!

Looks like I will be getting them out next week so, that should be fun.

I made a long overdue jump today and got my license updated. I hadn’t changed my last name on my license and took care of it today. They even gave me a new picture:


Well, that could have been soooo much worse. Especially with some tooth pain! Thank goodness for AAA offices, as I was in and out in 15 minutes! I’m officially a Soto, and wearing my pride well 🙂

Speaking of pride, and the title of this entry title. I am tired of having to live up to other peoples “idea” of how my life should be. I had the misfortune of hearing how some people think poorly of me for staying at home with my kids. That they “have to work for a living, and it must be nice to stay home and play”. You know what I say to that, you’re absolutely right, it is. What is more important is that we sacrifice to do this. I got my priorities straight almost a year ago. For anyone to assume that I don’t miss aspects of working they would be a fool.

I still have my Mommy blues days, where I feel completely unmotivated. I miss seeing my friends more often, and I miss bringing in money. What helps it is helping Eli with his business and knowing I’m contributing. What helps is taking pride in my home, and raising my boys the way I want them raised. I consider it a blessing that I can take the time I can with them, and that I’m not spending only a few hours with them a week. I WON’T apologize for that.

Envy is a terrible thing. Perhaps, I don’t post enough about the bad things so people can feel better about my life.

An old friend from school had posted an article recently.

It is an article about how envy has been created with social media. Facebook, gives a glimpse into someones life, as does this blog. People have normal lives, no ones life is perfect. As a Mom we already have the expectations of ourselves, the parent we want to be. It is SO hard to try to live up to others expectations as well. You have the Mom’s out there who are on their soap boxes about what they do right in parenting. How they feed their kids, milestones, shoving health notices down our throats. There are the Mom’s who create perfect crafts, meals, parties, and more. What happened to just being Mom.

What is wrong with not perfectly organic food every now and then, dirt on elbows, and having legos all over your coffee table? I don’t have anything to apologize for in my life. I am living my life for me and my family. We are not perfect, but we are perfectly happy.



5 thoughts on “Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself

  1. It is pretty silly for anyone to question what a mother does at home! I think in this day and age, there is an expectation to be perfect–if you are not you lose. I just can’t deal with people like that. i think they have their own insecurities.


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