Season of sacrifice

That time of the year has finally arrived here in our household. I call it: Open Fence Season. Eli owns a fence company. So while we have been blessed enough for him to work through past winter’s, spring officially kicks off the full schedule. Sometimes this means over 12 hour work days, and working on weekends. If weather puts the schedule behind, I’ve even sacrificed Sundays. So, I call it the season of sacrifice because it’s really, me, on my own.

Granted, this was outrageously stressful years back when Eli started out, because we were very low on funds, and I was home with 2 very young children. I felt isolated, depressed, and plain stressed out. The past 2 years of course were a different kind of stressful. I would work all day, and come home to being alone.  Now, God bless my Mother in Law, because while I was working, and Eli’s schedule was insane; she would get the boys and bring them to her place. Some days the boys wouldn’t get home til at least 8pm! This added to the very long list of pro’s for me leaving work. I needed the boy’s to have semblance of normalcy, and they would ask why we both had to work so much. It also helped my Mother in Law, because the boys would have her exhausted as well! To top it all off, I really had all the household work as well. How could I ask Eli to come home after working say, 14 hours in the sun, but do the dishes??? As much as I LOATHE housework, at least I’m not doing a 9-5 , running around, and doing the housework.

This year, I have a new outlook on life in general. While I have my not perfect days, most of them I have ideas and get out with the boys. We have been working on a bucket list for the summer! Being out of the depressed funk that I was in, definitely makes me more motivated to get out. Anyone else do this on their own sometimes? Obviously there are single mothers, military wives, but I’ve met line workers wives and more that go through the same time. What idea’s does anyone have about just getting out?

Colin’s involves a lot of beach time, mini golf, and ice cream. Alex’s involves, swimming, marshmallows, and bubbles 🙂 Mine involves, staying active, getting some sun, the beach, the lake, and hiking. Well, maybe with some ice cream mixed in! Have you created a summer bucket list?


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