Weekend games, playtime, and sneaking in Mom time!

It finally feels like spring!!!! I have been taking full advantage of being outside, and a little less time on here.

This past weekend was a great stress buster. My good friend is a dancer in the Greater Hartford Dance Academy, and they were having their big show for the year. So, I went with a couple of my other friends for the show. We “pre-gamed” at Maggie McFly’s with drinks and appetizers. The show was phenomenal! I don’t have any pictures, because they aren’t allowed; but it was really amazing! It also didn’t not help my baby fever for a little girl. Little girls, and tutus….sigh one can dream, right??? After the show we went to a rooftop bar which was a first for me. After some margaritas and spinach dip, we finished off the night. It felt SO nice to feel like an “adult” for the night. Sometimes it feels wonderful to just be with your friends, laugh all night, and enjoy life.

Recital picture

The Monopoly Junior obsession is still going strong in the house. Somehow even the Junior version can take hours, and Colin is competitive! Now, he wants other versions of the games to try them out. I do like how the Junior Party version limits how many properties the player can have. It makes it seem more fair to little ones. I remember my sister and I having loooooong games, and I had to borrow money from her in the game. PS, shes better with money than me even now! Needless to say, Monopoly Junior Party, is a family favorite!


I made sure to take Alex for a haircut this weekend. He had graduation pictures yesterday for preschool. While that may seem unnecessary to most, the pictures are actually super cute. I can’t believe its been 2 years since Colin left preschool. Check out his graduation picture:

Colin's GraduationHOW cute is that!?!?! This year, the photographer had the kids bring in their favorite stuffed animal and book. Their cap and gown is also a more royal blue. I’m so excited to be there for these things! Alex of course enjoyed getting his hair cut. We take the boys to one of those more kids friendly hair salons. When we used to take Colin, he would scream and HATED getting his hair cut. When we found this place, it was completely different. The little ones, pick out a car to sit in, and can watch a movie while getting their hair done. The older kids, get a normal chair and can play a game, or watch something. They do a great job, and I’m happy to have it tear free!

Alex hair

Finally, this weekend I took the boys to a new playground in Hamden. It is called Josh’s Jungle. They have been trying to raise money for this playground for a few years, and it is finally here! The playground is completely handicap accessible. So, if there is a child in a wheelchair, they can access everything on the playground! The ground was that rubber,bouncy type floor. If you’ve been to a Disney playground, its the same flooring. The whole playground was composite materials, so no splinters! We spent a couple hours there, and the kids are already begging to go back!

Josh's jungle On a side note, 3 people told me today (and its only 9:30am folks!) that they are noticing that I lost weight. They said I look great, and wanted to know what I was doing. Talk about an ego booster!!! I think others always notice first when you lose weight. It takes awhile for me to see it, but this time my pants feel bigger, and I see more curves. Its really fantastic getting healthy.

With that, I have a load of work to do today, and want to make sure I get out for a run!


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