Work it Wednesday!

So for today, I managed to get to the gym ALL pumped that I had an hour training session. I walked past my trainer and gave a friendly wave as I jogged upstairs for a warm up. I was thrilled as I got my heart pumping for 10 minutes and raced downstairs. Well, apparently I was a half hour late!!! LA Fitness sends emails for when you have training. I assumed that the email I first got was for my earliest time that was set up. Wellllll, WRONG! Ooops?

No matter, it was a great work out! My trainer was also gracious enough to take the missed half hour off the books and add it on for Friday!! Wohoo!!!

So for Work it Wednesday, I figured I would share one of my FAVORITE motivators. When I do my cardio, or don’t have my trainer I listen to FIT Radio. They have a website here, but I use the App. The have heart pumping music that makes me want to push myself so much harder. They have a variety of music, so I can assure you, boredom won’t happen!

fit radio

With that being said. It was just a housework busy day! I was overwhelmed with laundry, and it was pouring out! We finally got our HVAC system completely rezoned out, so that will be more efficient. Finally for a healthy dinner I made salmon for dinner. The grocery story had beautiful filets of wild Alaskan salmon on sale, so I couldn’t resist!! Here is the recipe we love:


With that I’m off!!

3 thoughts on “Work it Wednesday!

    • Thanks! The Fit radio app is different from Pandora. It plays more of a techno version of your favorite songs. I find myself pushing harder almost to keep with the beat. They offer the free version, but I did upgrade to the premium because I use it so often! It makes housework not so shabby either!


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