Five on Friday!

1. I have been on a weight loss journey that I started last year. Last year I had lost 15 pounds but gained about 20 with everything that happened with my Mom. There wasn’t much exercising going on in the hospital people! I have reached that weight again and am only pushing forward! Even though some days I feel like my body parts are going to fall off, I know the end result will be amazing! Ignore the mess below, Alex is a challenge 😉

Work in progress

2. The kids and I have been working on a bucket list for the summer. They are itching to go to the beach, dinosaur parks, and a lot of frozen yogurt. Our list keeps growing and I know it will be so different having them home with me for a few months! If anyone has tips on what they do with their kids on summer break, I’m ALL ears!


3. I’ve been reading Eli’s cousin’s book Enthralled by Rebecca S. It is very well written, and definitely a more adult vampire novel. I am hoping to wind down reading it with a glass of wine tonight! Check it out here:


I hope to write a full review when I finish!


4. We have been looking at relocating, and it is EXHAUSTING. Checking out school systems, proximity to town centers, proximity to Eli’s business, neighborhoods, and PRICES!!! Connecticut’s shoreline is not cheap, and we are looking for a forever home. I’m sure I’ll chronicle more on here, but after looking at over 10 homes so far, I’m mentally drained.


5. I am having birthday present envy! Alex has a birthday party to attend tomorrow, so of course I went shopping today. I went to Lakeshore Learning,  and was immediately loving the selection of educational toys! After some browsing and very helpful service I bought these:

games Bugs Building is a child friendly Jenga. The difference is, there is a dice with the game and you can only remove the color you roll. I had been looking at this game for awhile, and knowing the birthday boy he will love it! The other selection is Spot it Jr! This game is all about finding the match on another card. Its compact, which is great for traveling, and keeps the brain going. Hopefully, its a hit, and it will be a reminder that I need to buy these!! Currently we’re on a Monopoply Junior and Uno streak in our house. Both family dividing games, but the boys love playing!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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