The one where I took a hike.

This cold I have been battling for 2 weeks has legitimately kicked my butt. I can buy stock in Kleenex, and don’t remember what its like to be not congested. Bleck.

I haven’t let it slow me down this week. Making sure that I got myself back into the gym has been achieved. My trainer looked hesitant to come near me but I got that workout in! I also made sure to get outside since its been gorgeous out there! We have lived in our house for 7 years and I finally decided to start exploring some hiking trails near us. First stop: the supply ponds nearby! It was very tranquil. and there were loads of leash free dogs around. I don’t know if I would take either of our pups leash free on the trails, but I’m definitely bringing them.

Blanket green Brook turtle!Trails just seem less boring to me. I get so sidetracked when I’m walking the neighborhood. On the trail, there are no cars swerving around you, pavement, or endless homes, just you and the crunch of the ground.

Connecticut seems to have an endless amount of hiking trails in my nearby area. I’m sure in the future you  will be seeing more of this!

Major realization of the week: I have completely slacked on working. I’m supposed to be managing Eli’s office. Well, I haven’t. I have worked on a website for the company, marketing, and customers, but all out of the office itself. I felt unmotivated, and I HATE paperwork. So, now I’m shackled (figuratively of course!)in the office doing paperwork. It feels like self punishment from slacking. 3 hours later , I have a desk again!

officeBehold how I look when congested, tired, and in need of getting my hair done. However, one of the better parts of working at home. I can sing at the top of my lungs in my office! Currently, I’m jamming out to the Smash soundtrack. I miss that show!

With all of this being said,, I just saw another pile of paperwork calling my name. Balance folks, its ALL about balance! Besides, theres still laundry, dishes, and I’m sure more!



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