Getting things done with lists…

I think all working moms can relate to how much more we get done when we have limited time. When we only have a couple hours, or the weekend, we can prioritize ten times better. Being at home now feels more like this:

I feel like I have ALL day to get house work done, yet it doesn’t. Is it laziness, no motivation, or feeling like there is more time than there is? Actually, I think its organization, with a sprinkle of motivation. I have found lists like this:

on pinterest and yes, I’ve used them. A lot more gets done when I use them. Sometimes I stick to the good ole check list. The night before I evaluate what I really want to get done the next day and make a list. The next day it almost feels rewarding to check off what was done. This is not to say by the end of the day I don’t feel like this:

Anyone notice pinterest owns me? Damn you Pinterest.

As I have now procrastinated enough time to:

-Go do the sink full of dishes (I miss my dishwasher!)

-Prep food for tomorrow

-Fold 4 baskets of laundry. Don’t judge!


-Wash sheets

-Bathe kids

-Do office work

SEEEEE!?! Lets see what actually gets done.


How do you get more done around the house?

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