Thoughtful Thursday

It has been a full week here in our home. Colin got his much needed Spring break, and you can tell he is enjoying the rest. The poor kid was getting to the point of not wanting to go to school. I know the expectations of our children has change, but he seems fried from school work. We are still sending Alex to school this week, so that he doesn’t miss out on sight words, playtime, and I can get more done!

Sunday the boys enjoyed being outside and getting dirty. They dug, built, piled, and then some. We planted new flowers for the front steps, hung a new bird feeder, and Eli finished the railings on our side porch. After grilling some burgers, and hot dogs, we declared it to be a great Sunday!

railing boys will be boys

Monday was our wedding anniversary. We kept it low key and went out to the Cheesecake Factory in West Hartford. It was so nice to go out, and enjoy eachother’s company. After some wine, miso salmon, and cheesecake to go we merrily headed home. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend, and felt fortunate to get to go out. It seems like yesterday that we exchanged vows!!!

Skip forward to a rainy Tuesday and we made the choice to keep Alex home with us. We went bowling as a family and had a blast! Although it isn’t cheap (I need to look for living social, or groupon’s in the future) it was worth it! After 2 hours, 1 pizza, and a pitcher of punch we took some very sleepy boys home.

bowlingThe one thing I observed at the bowling alley, a lot of disgruntled Mom’s. Most of the schools in our area have the week off, so there were a lot of kids there. I think a lot of Mom’s in our area were not thrilled to even be there. We were the only parents playing with our kids.

There were:

-Screaming Moms

-Swearing Moms

-Mom’s ignoring their kids

-Mom’s threatening their kids

Ohhhhh boy. Sure, our boys had their moments. Alex would think Colin wasn’t being fair. Colin was upset he hadn’t gotten a strike yet. Alex pinched his finger. We just navigate around these situations. We encouraged Colin to keep trying, and he ended up with 3 strikes! Alex got a kiss on the finger, and was told Colin was played fair and he was doing fine. We also had a mini meltdown from Colin that we simply ignored, and sure enough he was back to playing in a few minutes. I just don’t see myself as a parent that will drag my kids somewhere I don’t want to be and then look miserable the whole time. I take each opportunity to enjoy being with my kids, chaos and all!

Tuesday night we ended up with an icy mix! Yes, an icy mix in April!!! I walked out my front door to this:

pansieICE! On my newly planted flowers. ARGH! Thank you New England!

Colin and I spent the day doing errands. We started of with cashing in his coins. He has a passbook savings, and his spending money. We use one of these in our house:

The Moonjar lets children divide their money between three compartments: Spend, Save, and Donate. Its a fabulous way for kids to learn what to do with their money.

After finishing his deposit, we headed off to Toys R Us for Colin to use a gift card he got for his Birthday. After what seemed like an eternity in the store, he settled on Simon, and another game that interacts with the ipad (that is being returned). We then headed to Sports Authority, because he wanted to buy his Dad a new basketball for his birthday. SO cute! After, he talked me into going to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Colin must have brought good luck with him, because it was the quickest service I’ve ever had there!

buffalo daydreaming

Since it was Eli’s birthday we got a cake, party hats, and made Eli one of his favorite foods: Shrimp Scampi! We used the recipe below, and it was a MAJOR hit!

After cake, the boys all settled down and played some racing game for awhile. All in all a good day!

I’ve been feeling under the weather, again. Seriously. So I just did office work today, chores, and menu planning for Easter. All I want is a nap!!!!


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