Insight Tuesday

I caved today after waking up to the room spinning. I gave myself the morning to watch Game of Thrones, and browse my favorite blogs! I’ve always loved reading other bloggers confession entries! It gives a personal insight to the blogger that might not come through their everyday blogging. So, why not? I figured I’d give it a go:


* I used to do Irish Step Dancing for 13 years. My Mom started me in lessons at 5 and I moved all the way up. I quit my senior year of high school, because I wanted a normal social life. In the end I think it was the wrong choice because those friends are scarce, and I still love dance!

*My Father was a priest and my Mom was a nun. There was no scandal, but I may love seeing people’s faces when I tell them this.

*Eli’s Father is actually a minister.

*We are just starting to go back to church, and it seems our 7 year old is guiding us back. Colin constantly talking about the trinity, makes up song about Jesus, and reads his Bible. No one guides him, pushes him, or anything of that nature. He’s completely self guiding himself, and leading us back. *Note-its hard finding the right church for your family with our backgrounds. I still prefer Catholic church, and Eli prefers non denominational.

*I have found a deep love for cooking. I find it therapeutic, and I love when people enjoy what I cook.

*I’m a Disney nut. When I feed down I read Disney message boards, and check out Disney sites in general. Disney brings out my inner kid, and I love it!

*I had preeclampsia when I was pregnant with Colin. My blood pressure got as high as 200/110.  Its the closest I have gotten to my life being in danger. His whole delivery is a blur, and I have never taken his health for granted.

*Eli and I eloped. I would do it all over again. I was one of those girls that envisioned a huge wedding, poofy dress, giant cake, and more. Then I realized it didn’t matter. I was marrying Eli for him. We were doing it for us and only needed God as our witness. It was romantic, private, and beautiful.

*I thought I was going to do something with animals growing up. I quit my dream when I didn’t get into a zoology college program. Since then I’ve worked in Finance, Insurance, and now Eli’s company. I’m hoping I will be able to one day volunteer, or help with something involving animals.

*I’m an avid reader and hopefully will start having some reviews on here! I have a kindle addiction, and in my down time you’ll usually find me reading.

I would suppose that’s all for today! Back to resting so I can get things done!

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