Being sick, but still needing to parent.

Well, we couldn’t expect for both the boys to be sick, and not share could we? I had the glorious feeling waking up of a pain in my sinuses. When I went to talk my 1-900 voice came out to play. Ohhhh boy.

Funny, yes?

The boys were both feeling better so I got them together and out the door. Alex’s teacher noted that I look terrible, which only confirmed how terrible I felt. DUH! After dropping Colin off, I dragged myself to the gym. I had bought personal training appointments last year at LA Fitness. I wanted to do something for myself, and well then crap hit the fan in September. Since I am currently separated from  my lovers from the freezer, Ben and Jerry’s, I jumped back on the bandwagon. Hopefully I’ll have more on this revisited journey in another post.

Anyway, by the time I arrived home, all I wanted to do was grab Eli’s sweats, throw on a hoodie, and hibernate. Of course, then I see dishes out, toys on the floor, tissues on the end table! Regardless that I had quiet, I realized I can’t call out of work sick. It reminded me of how careful I had to be and really think about how sick I was when I worked. Unless I was puking, or had a fever, I was there. I felt the same today. I could function, barely, but enough that I needed to get things done.

As a stay at home mom, do we really get sick days. Can I get PTO (paid time off?), or is it a laughable dream. Being a stay at home mom is not a cake walk, no bon bons, mimosa afternoons, and gabby shopping trips. I’m running a house, helping Eli with the business, and taking care of the boys. Really, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done.

So, if anyone has advice for how you function when you’re sick as a SAHM I am VERY open to it!



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