Believe in yourself. Your instinct is usually right on.

I could reallllly love a dull moment around now! 2 days ago Colin woke up hysterically crying saying his neck hurt. After checking around his neck I looked around his bed, and voila! I found his Bible sticking out from under his pillow. He managed to get a knot in his neck from sleeping like that. Of course, in true Colin fashion he asked, “why would God do this?!” Oh, my, I corrected him and told him, HE did it by sleeping on it, not God. Anyway he ended up at home for the day since he didn’t have full motion of his neck.

Now, I’m a subscriber to Bloglovin, and like to read The Samantha Show. She happened to post this entry:

I had to comment as I had a similar situation with Alex last year at an ER. They made me feel like a fool for bringing him in for a high fever. After spending a couple hours there they sent me home feeling like an overreacting parent. Well at Alex’s follow up appointment with his pediatrician, we found out he had the flu! The ER hadn’t even tested Alex for that. Thankfully, our pediatrician called the ER immediately and basically told them where to go.

I just don’t feel parents should be made to feel dumb when they feel their child is having a medical crisis. This leads into last night. Colin had developed a fever, and a cough. If you aren’t following, those are major symptoms for meningitis. The pediatrician’s office had closed for the day, and I knew what they would tell me, take him in. So, I loaded Colin into the car and took him to the ER. TOTALLY different experience. First of all, it wasn’t busy. The front staff completely understood where I was coming from and accommodated us, and eased our worry. We were then placed into a quarantined room since we weren’t positive what was going on. Every medical professional reassured me, I did the right thing bringing him in. I never stated that I had doubt, or acted worried that I was wrong, yet they reassured my choice. The fantastic news is everything just lined up, and Colin has a neck knot and nasty virus. No meningitis! The nicest part was the Doctor coming in and then saying, “You come back if you feel anything is wrong. I want you to know you did the right thing, and should never take a chance if you feel ANY chance of your child having something like that.” THANK YOU! I had never been so happy to leave an ER with a child that wasn’t severely ill.

Have you ever been made to doubt yourself, or feel dumb about a choice like that?


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